About Daria


Daria’s personal experience has taught her that “grief is a solitary journey that we can’t do alone.” ~Weller

Daria Leslea, MA, LPN, RYT/CYT

Daria Leslea (MA,LPN, RYT/CYT) is a mindfulness based grief therapist who works with people who have all kinds of loss including traumatic loss. She is also a yoga therapist who combines grief therapy with gentle yoga movements, breath work, and other yoga techniques to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms of grief.

Daria’s Personal Grief Story

As a bereaved mother Daria knows that talking about one’s grief is helpful but sometimes we also need a way to express what we can’t put into words. She has found that through the combination of telling one’s story and gentle yoga practices it enables grief to be addressed at a much deeper level.

Daria’s Training

Daria Leslea received degree

Masters in Psychology

Daria received her Masters of Psychology Southern California University 2006. She recieved her Bachelors Degree Metropolitan State College 1999.

Daria receives Nursing degree

Hospice Nurse & Companioning

She worked as a Hospice Nurse at Hospice of St. John from 1996 to 1999. Daria went on to study the “companioning” model of grief with Dr. Alan Wolfelt at the Center for Loss in Ft. Collins, CO.

Daria Leslea receives certificate from CSU

Certification from CSU

She received her certification in Death and Transition Studies from the Center for Loss and Colorado State University.

Daria receives Certification Bereavement Care

Certification Bereavement Care

Daria is also Certified in Compassionate Bereavement Care ™ from the Center for Loss and Trauma and the MISS Foundation.

Certified Yoga Therapist

Certified Yoga Therapist

She received her Yoga Therapy certification through InnerPeace Yoga Therapy in Asheville, NC in 2012.

Yoga for Grief Certification

Yoga for Grief Certification

Daria studied with Antonio Sausys who developed Yoga for Grief and she received her advanced certification.

Grief & Yoga

Grief affects our whole being. This is why, as a yoga therapist, Daria incorporates yoga when working with grief because yoga is a practice that embraces our whole being. Using the breath and gentle asanas she helps people to reconnect with their bodies so they can learn to trust their bodies once again and see their body as a resource to help them heal from the loss and/or trauma they have experienced.