Good Grief Therapy
and Yoga

Daria helps people learn to feel in a world that doesn’t want them to.

“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion”.
– Buddha

Our Specialties

We are always trying to understand the world around us especially when something in that world shifts or changes. Grief is a natural reaction whenever there is any change in our relationship to the world. We grieve not only for what we have lost but we also grieve the loss of our safe and predictable world.

Beyond the experience of the loss of loved ones through death, grief may arise when we are confronted by unexpected illness, when we face the loss of a job or loss of a relationship, and we feel grief in times of betrayal and when we’ve been judged or abused. 

Grief and Loss

I will walk beside you and honor your grief by listening with my heart to you and your story as you learn to understand your new way of being in the world.

Therapeutic Support

As a mindfulness based grief therapist and spiritual practitioner I will walk with you through any of life’s losses and transitions in a gentle and compassionate way.

Private Yoga Sessions

As a yoga therapist I will help you keep your heart open by adding some gentle yoga movements, breath awareness, or other yoga techniques that will help address your grief on a deeper level.

“Held back, unvoiced, grief bruises the heart”.

  – Ghalib


About Daria Leslea

Daria Leslea (MA,LPN, RYT/CYT) is a mindfulness based grief therapist who works with people who have all kinds of loss including traumatic loss. She is also a yoga therapist who combines grief therapy with gentle yoga movements, breath work, and other yoga techniques to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual symptoms of grief.